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Brand Development


First, you must establish and build a strong brand. Then you will continue to develop your brand adding value to your business.

Brand Promotion


Brand promotion is about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Product Launch


You just created a new or upgraded version of a product. Now you must tell your market that you have it ready for sale.

Ignite Passion With Your Brand

Brand Personality Brainstorm

Your brand begins with your vision, let's start by defining it's personality

Your brand is what people associate with when they do business with your company. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, the buying experience, the level of service you provide, and what they remember once the sale is made.

Our brainstorming session defines your brand beginning with what you sell, who you plan on selling to, how you plan on selling, the service that you provide, and the customer experience that you provide. We break down each aspect of the key points to create a full picture of your business. We want to find each competitive advantage, market differentiator, and any ways to add online support to your clients.

Defining Your Brand

Let's define your brand as you see it today and in the future

A brand definition is more than who you are. You start by defining a Unique Value Proposition which tells the world what you offer you clients and why they should buy from you. Who is your target market, what needs of that market will you serve, what is your pricing strategy, and does this offer provide acceptable value to your clients?

Next, we will tackle your game plan. Where will you position your company in the sea of competitors. What core values does your company offer. This is where we begin to discuss consistency with your brand. How you will integrate your website with your customer service. If you plan on customers going into a retail or office space, you will want a consistent experience.

Brand Strategy and Equity

When you sell your business, you are selling the equity that your brand represents

Your brand's equity directly correlates to the amount you can ask for your products and services. The higher value you hold in the eyes of a consumer, the greater the asking price. Take time to create a marketing strategy and build your brand. You will want to create brand awareness, and also, prestige. As you work your strategy building value, you will need to update your brand strategy to update it's relevance.

Earn the Trust of Your Customers

You Must Create Trust Between Your Business and Your Customers

Trust sounds quite simple and yet there is no switch that you can flip. Start to build trust with your customers from day one by sending a consistent message to your consumers. You will also need to promote a positive shopping experience. Remember, people matter. The team that you put in place must be customer focused.

Develop a Voice for Your Company

Develop a Voice for Your Company by Hiring a Charismatic Person

A company spokesperson takes the pressure off of you by them becoming the face of your business. The person that you choose must identify with all of the front-facing traits of your business such as personality, values, and even their personal style. Consumers tend to buy from you because they identify with your brand and the values that it represents.

Optimize Your Brand

To Optimize Your Brand is Like Adding Spices to Your Cooking

Everyone has tasted food that has no flavor. Just a little spice will enhance the flavor of the food while your level of enjoyment increases. Brand optimization is the same concept. You do not want to put out a brand that is without excitement, without a great personality, and certainly without a great customer experience.

Let's start by stating that brand optimization is an ongoing effort. Just think of a narrow highway, you want to optimize your brand to appeal to those that buy your product or service. You want to position yourself to connect with those buyers, and most importantly, you want to have a presence where and when they are ready to buy. This could be an online experience or a corner store.

Brand optimization works hand-in-hand with pricing, your promotions (campaigns), and an analysis of your sales. What worked for you. What campaigns did not bring the results you wanted. Your internal data that you collect is a very important part of building your brand. As part of your data collection, keep track of the external climate (political, new competitors, recession, etc.) during your campaigns. Ask the hard questions. Are you consistent with your brand message. How about the ads that you are placing, do they align with your marketing strategy.

The action of hiring an outside consultant to take a look at your performance is worth the cost. A professional will provide you with a great deal of insight. You may even find that they have uncovered opportunity for you to improve upon your current brand. With consumers, the one fact is that they evolve over time. You must find how you can stay a step ahead.

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