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Brand Development


First, you must establish and build a strong brand. Then you will continue to develop your brand adding value to your business.

Brand Promotion


Brand promotion is about getting the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

Product Launch


You just created a new or upgraded version of a product. Now you must tell your market that you have it ready for sale.

Integrated Marketing Communications

Brand Promotion

Integrated Marketing Communications is Your New Promotion Mindset

The act of promoting your brand occurs in many ways. To start, the message that your website conveys to consumers is the up-most important. Your website is the face of your brand which you should consistently maintain while keeping it open 24-hours each day. The way you answer your phone is part of your customer experience, in turn, part of your brand. The emails that you send, the style, pictures, the wording, and message is all part of your brand. If you ship products to consumers, the packaging, the boxes, the courier are all a part of your brand. And yes, the marketing that you create in an effort to increase your brand awareness. The promotions that you put in place have an effect on your brand.

From here on out your goal is to coordinate your marketing into an Integrated Marketing Communications. All of your marketing is now based on crafting a coordinated promotional approach that takes all activities such as traditional advertising (magazine, radio, TV, and direct marketing), sales promotion, sales team, public relations, social media, website e-commerce, packaging, and any other forms of promotion into an organized purposeful effort to produce a consistent, unified message that is customer focused.

Promotional Mix

A Perceptive Promotional Mix Ensures Your Message Reaches New Customers

The Promotional Mix also called Marketing Mix is made up of four essential parts. Price, Product, Promotion, and Place. For each of your campaigns you will want to work with a strategist that will align each of the four elements to maximize your effectiveness. The key to creating a successful campaign is to engage the consumers you market to. As your campaign continues to bring in business, it is important to understand that consumers are not static. What is working today will diminish over time. Your campaigns are meant to be evaluated and then refined as potential buyers change.

The tools that will be used are your main stream marketing tactics. Your Associate will help you select the ones to bring you the biggest return on your marketing investment based on the budget that you assign. Remember, Integrated Marketing Communications. You will use more than one communications channel to get your message out. The tools that you will use are advertising and promotion tactics, your sales team, public relations, direct marketing, and online marketing.

Online Promotion

Digital Marketing encompasses a variety of strategies each having its own strengths

Promoting a business website using online marketing is different than promoting an e-commerce Website. For a business website you will want to first establish a budget for your campaign. Again, work with an Associate to help you with Integrated Marketing Communications. For those that are just starting a business, you may want to use free marketing tactics. Some of the online marketing that you may want to try include creating a Twitter account and connecting with people, create a BLOG on your website and promote your postings, create video's of your products or services and post them on Youtube, as you add products or services to your offerings, create a press release, and lastly, you should look to join an online forum that relates to your business, then become an active member.

When you create a e-commerce shop, the amount of online promotion increases. First you want to bring brand awareness to you online store. Then, you will want to bring awareness to the products that you sell. And lastly, you will want to promote sales and closeouts to increase your bottom line. You will want to work with your Associate to help you define your marketing campaigns.

Your e-commerce website is the first place to create your marketing. As potential customers browse items in your shop, you will want to place casual related items for sale. This will peak interest in the consumer resulting in an increase in sales. Another marketing tactic is to send out emails with limited time discounts. The more specific on the items that are discounted the greater the sales. For example, if a current customer purchased an item, you may offer a discount on complimentary items that fit with their purchased item.

Be clear, you must track abandoned shopping carts. Approximately 70% of carts never complete the purchase. You will want to setup email templates so you can automate a process of sending out reminders to your clients that they can easily complete the purchase. Why templates? Again, you will need to be as specific as possible when communicating to your clients. This is part of your brand building. You want to show your clients that you are personal and have an interest in their needs. You may want to offer a small discount to help close the sale. Do not diminish the products by over discounting. Your Associate can help you with establishing policies to help guide you.

Key Selling Points

Communicate who your business is for, and the reason customers buy from you

For your Key Selling Points to be a success, you need them to be the embodiment of the person you sell to. Corporation Associates Brainstormation is a great service to help you get going. The use of mind-mapping will provide you a visualization of the products and services you sell and who buys them. The why is the question that you want an answered.

Once you have a good visual of your products and services, you are ready to seek what makes you unique. Banks are a good industry to think of. Every bank offers a checking account. So why would a person choose to bank with one over another. Big banks have an advantage just that they can tout their national footprint. For consumers that want to do banking only online, a national bank that pushes how big they are will not attract those consumers. Keep that in mind. There is no formula that will attract everyone. Our Associates can help you with your Key Selling Points.

Looking at the Future

Every product goes through the life cycle phases whereas the final phase is diminishing sales

Your job as a seller is to forecast the future market for your products. At some point in time, consumers will turn away for one product in favor of another. As this happens your sales will slow. To combat this eventuality, your brand must follow a strategy that you create such as new product introduction, or packaging several products into a packaged product that you sell.

Right now, the auto industry is experiencing just this. Vehicles running on gas are becoming less favored for new technology. The electric car has taken off. Consumers see electric as a better technology because of several Key Selling Points. As an electric car owner, you no longer purchase gas. You have a car that is quiet. You can charge your car at home or the office. An electric car practically sells itself, and why? Convenience. The use of business intelligence software will help you track your sales and identify products that just are not selling like years past. Our Associates can help you setup the tools you need along with training to be successful in mapping where you should be focusing your efforts.

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